So I’ve decided to fully utilize the blogging feature of this site seeing as how that is sort of the point of Word Press. Anyway I did have a blog spot before that I never actually went very far on…I made maybe four posts? So if I write five posts here that will be a new personal record for me. Anyway what do people blog about nowadays? You all just update your crap on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr or whatever now correct? Tumblr is too complicated for me I can’t make heads or tails of it…I’ll stick to this and well Facebook and Twitter I suppose. Haven’t got much to say as of yet, gotta get on that serious blogging shit soon though. Oh! I know I annoy people to hell and back with these but I am entered in a little contest with Coast2Coast mixtapes. (These guys are awesome by the way!) I’m trying to get one of my songs on a mixtape hosted by Talib Kweli, and I would be quite honored if you take a moment to click this link and possibly find some form of grace within the depths of your heart and click the vote button. You can do it with Twitter or Facebook…hell both if you want! That would be even better!

That’s about it for now might write something else up tonight if I feel up to it but if not I shall return tomorrow. Will try to make these posts daily if not every other day. Hell maybe more than once a day if I’m feeling really ambitious. As of now the goal is to go beyond five posts!

Would appreciate new followers or comments. Follow me on twitter @Rahat_music

  1. Sibi Ch says:

    make sure you keep up with the blogging! laziness is not an excuse! 😛

  2. Rahat says:

    I shall keep up my dear! Thanks those of you who are following and liking, how about commenting too ^^.

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