Earlier this morning I was thinking about my blog, see originally I just intended for this site to be left as a stand alone web page for my music. I was looking for a website and domain for myself for a good price and WordPress thankfully provided that for me. Now that I am actually using this blogging feature I realized wait…I should probably make it easy for people to subscribe for me.

I searched the internet looking for some form of mailing list I can integrate here on the site. I found one I was initially going to use from Google’s Feed burner. Then when I try to add it to my site I looked over the widgets available and lo and behold there was already an E-mail subscription  widget. I was quite pissed I’ll tell you that much I thought I was such a great researcher and found a way to make my site more powerful…sadly all I did was waste some time.  I ended up abandoning Feed Burner (no offense to Google but using the widget that is already there is much easier). 

So yea if you are noob blogger like me don’t make my mistake just use the widget, unless of course you feel like Feed burner or anything else similar might actually be better for you but that’s your decision to make. Sometimes you don’t have to look far to find the things you need. With that being said please do follow my blog via the email subscription I truly would appreciate it. I’ve got my twitter feed and an option to like me on Facebook below that on the side too. You can’t miss it it’s on the right side of every page on the site. Like me on facebook trust me I do not have cooties! 

Follow me on twitter @rahat_music


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