Jealousy is not good!

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Other
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I mentioned in a previous post that I’m entered in a contest to get on a mixtape hosted by Talib Kweli. As of this post I am in first place check it out and vote for me on this link below:

So basically at the start of this little competition I was getting a decent amount of likes and good ratings. You can rate songs basically out of five stars ,of course I did give myself a five star rating once ;). Anyway! I averaged 4-5 stars for a while until I hit first place. That’s when I started getting just one star ratings. Really? As soon as I slip into the first place spot? I understand everybody wants to be on top but to actually rate a song one star just because it’s in first place and not yours? Rather then giving me bad ratings promote your damn song! I got votes because I’m out grinding for them. Hitting up people on twitter posting about it here, and on Facebook. I’ve got a Headliner.FM promotion running as well. Why don’t these people do stuff like this and get their own votes rather than trying to make me look bad? Whatever end rant.

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