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Posted: February 22, 2013 in Business
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I lost my job as a Toy Demonstrator last month and since then I’ve been looking high and low for a job somewhere. The job was seasonal and although I was the highest selling seasonal demonstrator (just saying) I still wasn’t hired. Although I felt this was unfair I decided not to kick and scream I took it like a man and just took my bosses pictures and put em on dart board and….na I’m kidding. January in general you’re pretty much guaranteed not to find employment and that sucks! February is almost ending now and so far not much luck in the job front. I applied to about six different places today. Cross your fingers for me will you?

Anyway for those of you who are also looking for jobs here’s some tips to keep in mind that helped land me my last job:

If your employer has multiple positions open always try to show you can do any of them even if you get an interview for only one specific position. When I got hired at my last job I was interviewing for the guest services position. I was initially turned down for the job I had eventually gotten hired for. While I was there I just acted like myself and I remembered that they like outgoing people who can basically be walking talking commercial for their projects. I let them know I am a rapper, I do performances and I love being the center of attention. The HR person loved that and hired me for the position that I was originally denied!

Do your research about the company! At lease look like you know something, show a little bit of interest.

Dress nicely! I’ve seen a guy show up to an interview in jeans and a graphic tee. Now it was some nice jeans and a nice tee but I can guarantee you that he was not hired. A plain button down shirt with black pants and black shoes goes a long way. I wouldn’t say no to a tie either. Ladies, skirts are fine just not too short. While it may help you get hired if your interviewer is a guy in the long run you might not want to get hired based on the fact that your skirt was rather nice looking on you in a bad way. All in all keep a sense of professionalism no matter where you are applying. If they see you taking them seriously they will take you seriously.

Smile! Don’t be a stick in the mud! Socialize and joke around and be happy! No one will hire you if you’re too emo. Unless you’re applying to some random goth store where you are required to have no soul or something. No offense is intended to you goths out there its a joke!

Make sure your Resume is updated and that you know whats written on it. Often they’ll ask you questions based on your resume. If you say something that contradicts whats on your resume they will think that you’re lying or you’re an idiot. Either way you probably won’t get the job.

Speaking of interview questions if they had you fill out some form of assessment with questions on it then remember your responses! They could use that opportunity to find out if you were being completely honest on your assessment.

Kiss lots of ass trust me it never hurts.

These are just a few things to keep in mind. If you guys have anything else to add that you feel is important than leave your ideas in the comments. I’ll update the post and give you credit for your suggestions.

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  1. Sibi Ch says:

    These are some great interview and job hunting advice! I would like to add that you want to impress your employer, but do not sound like a know it all because they will find that annoying. Everybody gets nervous during interviews, but keeping calm and good eye contact helps a lot. And like Rahat said, SMILE! 🙂

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