Branching out

Posted: February 23, 2013 in Music
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I’ve got a recording session coming up this Monday that I am pretty excited about. I’m branching out a little and rapping over tracks I probably never would have before. One is for an experimental electronic album a producer friend of mine is putting together. He goes by D3cay and I’ll be doing a guest verse for him on one of his songs. Check out his music here:

Follow him if you enjoy it he’s a cool dude and has got some solid tracks. I’ll let you guys know once he drops his album. 

The other track I’m doing is something completely new for me. It’s for a Hardcore song being produced by Dietmer Tan. This is something completely new for me and a little outside of my comfort zone. I’m taking up the challenge though and hopefully something amazing will come up out of it! Check Dietmer’s music out here:

Again if you enjoy either of these guys don’t forget to follow them! I’ll be recording my verses for them on Monday but I’m not entirely too sure when you guys will be able to give them a listen. Follow me so you don’t miss out on some crazy awesomeness though ;).

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