02/25/2013 Recording Session

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Music
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Had a session today with JSoundz at Ebony Lounge, (that rhymes!). Check them out if you are in NYC and in need of some quality recordings; I’ve been going there for almost three years now I think? I recorded the two tracks that I mentioned in my earlier post “Branching out” here’s a link to it if you haven’t read it yet:


They are very different from what I normally do but I think they came out real nice. The song I did for D3cay should be out soon it’ll be released on his debut  album. You can follow him and get updates on his stuff from my other post. If you like experimental electronic music I highly recommend giving him a listen. Pretty excited about that one so yea I’ll post up a direct link to his album as soon as he’s got it up.

The other track I did for Dietmar Tan probably won’t be released till around this June. Reason being it seems there are some other well known Hardcore DJ’s and producers in the Netherlands who will be doing some remixes of it. Once he told me that I got pretty damn excited, I’m looking forward to hearing those of course! That got me thinking I wonder if I’m one of the first rappers to actually rap over a hardcore track. I’m sure it doesn’t happen all too often and well I don’t know much about the genre so I wouldn’t really know either way.

The other thing I was hoping to do but didn’t get a chance due to time restraints was a redo of one of my songs “Forget me Produced by Sinima Beats. I’m thinking I’ll probably do another session next Wednesday so I’ll probably get that and another song done at that time. I usually redo some of my better songs over and over until I get them as perfect as possible. This and a couple other songs I’ve been redoing over and over. My fiance hates me for it and thinks the songs are great the way they are but I guess it’s just an artist thing. It isn’t perfect yet and I can still make it better so I will!

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  1. Sibi Ch says:

    I’m very proud of how far you have gotten all by yourself! Keep making me proud, but don’t do songs over and over again. But that’s something i can’t change. lol.

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