I’ve been a part of the Indaba Music community for about a couple of months now. They are a website that gives us unsigned lesser known artists a chance at some major opportunities. They’ve had contests where you get to remix major artists like Linkin Park, Snoop Dogg, Christina Aguilera etc. They give out tons of prize money to the winners who are actually chosen by the artists themselves! Not only that they get you released along with the artists, get features on Spotify, IHeart Radio etc. Really a great haven of opportunities for all types of artists!

Now these great people are actually putting up an opportunity for artists to have their songs featured in a contest for remixing. Which means lets say they choose my song I would have my song put up for a contest alongside these amazing artists they provide opportunities with all the time. I need your help though, if you guys can give me some likes and comments on that song letting Indaba know that my song deserves to be remixed I’d have a better shot at getting picked! Here is the link:


Would mean a lot to have some help guys one person has already expressed their ultimate desire to remix my song! If more of you come up and just hit the like button or leave a comment saying you want to hear a remix it would be much appreciated! The song is called Hero and is one of my dark yet uplifting songs. The song itself is about preventing someone from committing suicide and I hope that maybe someday this could be a song that means a great deal to someone. Knowing I can make a difference in someones life with my music would be amazing. So help me out guys and click like comment and share the link with your friends!

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