Decay – The Gathering

Posted: February 28, 2013 in Music
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One of the guys I recently collaborated with just put out his debut album “The Gathering”. Check it out guys it’s an awesome album with great interesting sounds.

Image Credit: The cover was made by defineprog check out his stuff at:

Here is the tracklist, see any familiar names? =p

1. Captivity
2. Time
3. Escape (Go East)
4. Fugitive
5. See You Soon
6. Across the Lonely Desert
7. Lost
8. Found (feat. Rahat)
9. The Ruins of a Place called Home
10. Reclaim What’s Yours
11. Time’s End

Yup the song I did with him is on there so that just gives you guys even more reason to check it out! lol And wait I knew I forgot something here is the link to the actual music lol

Here is the download link:

Decay put it up as a free download guys so check it out and sync it you Ipods/Androids/Other Mp3 Devices and enjoy!

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