Dancing on Your Grave – Hardcore

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Music
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Another track I did recently it’s called Dancin on Your Grave. Sonicdriver (Dietmar Tan) contacted me and asked me to rap over his song. He came to me with his instrumental and lyrics already written and asked me to do my thing with them and this is what came out of it check it out. It’s something really new for me and something I haven’t really done before but it was fun.

That’s the original track and there are actually going to be some remixes made for it that will all be released on this page, there is currently one remix up right now:


The first remix is from The Casketkrusher (Stefan Lernout) and is an Early Hardcore mix. Here is the soundcloud player if you just want to play it from here:

There are going to be more remixes up and I’ll post them as they get completed. It’s really interesting for me to see what some of these guys do with my voice, a lot of cool stuff in these tracks. The final product which will feature all the remixes will be released this summer. You’ll be able to download it of Itunes, Spotify etc. This was really fun for me and a great experience in working outside of my comfort zone.

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  1. Sibi Ch says:

    How do you rap in this…? lol i guess you’ll prove me wrong.

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