Forget Me, Companion Story

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Other

A few years ago a man told his friend that he was to be the godfather of his child. They lived too far away from each other for the friend to actually meet his godson but he thought one day eventually he would. Then things changed and the two friends developed a hatred for one another. Neither wanted anything to do with the other…yet both still had that little bit of hope that maybe things could get better somewhere down the line.

Eventually the man decided to be the bigger person and sought out his friend, the godfather of his child. He gave his friend a picture of the young boy who was no longer an infant. That was the first time the friend had ever seen his godson. One would think that this could be the opening needed for that friendship to renew. Unfortunately life doesn’t always have a happy ending. His friend was too stubborn and full of anger to listen to anything he said. “Just forget me” he said to him and so eventually he did. He named someone else the godfather of his child. The child’s middle name was the same as his friends and so an explanation was given, “you were named after one of my friends who passed away”. Did he say it just like that? I don’t know…but that was what the kid was told.

How could two people who were such close friends end up like this? At least one of them asks himself that all the time but can never really formulate a real answer. The friend always had that lingering hope that maybe one day the kid would grow up and would want to meet his godfather. Despite his anger and outward hatred towards his friend he still clung onto that hope. Now it’s gone. Both sides are at fault and maybe one is more at fault than the other. I’d ask you to decide but there are details I’m just not willing to give.

I told you to forget me and you did. Now I’ll never meet my godson.


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