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Posted: March 8, 2013 in Business
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Everybody loves food! If you happen to be one of those rare people who actually do not like food then well…we can’t be friends really. Anyway I just thought I’d give you guys a couple awesome places to eat in New York City. Now I’m sure you can go to some other blog or article and find a great list of restaurants but these are just some of my favorite places from my own experience.

Let’s start shall we?

Chinese Mirch – 120 Lexington Ave nearby 28th street.


This place is great! It’s Chinese food with Indian Flavor and I have got to to tell you these guys deliver. They have some fried Momo’s you can get for appetizers, available in both vegetarian and chicken, and those will send your mouth into orgasmic bliss. If you like spicy food these guys deliver on that as well! And I mean real spicy, all of you south Asian people, I mean back home spicy! The atmosphere is great and the staff is really nice.

Singapura – 106 Lexington Ave down the block from Chinese Mirch.

A cheaper alternative to Chinese Mirch while not as awesome it is still great! Like Chinese Mirch these guys know how to deliver on the spiciness. The atmosphere here is also great though the music they play doesn’t really make me feel like I’m in Singapore…It’s more country type stuff. They give you some nice Spring Rolls for appetizers and their duck sauce is quite nice.

Tamba – 103 Lexington Ave (Yes I’m in this are all the time since that’s where Baruch is so I eat here alot)

I’ve never had dinner here but my fiance and I frequent this place for lunch because its a Buffet! Not very costly either its about $11 each and you can eat as much as you like. They vary some of their foods from day to day but some of my favorites are the Byriani, Dosa, Goat Curry, and of course the sweets! While you eat the waiter comes around and gives you some delicious Naan Bread and Chicken Tandoori! Great place to stuff yourself till you can’t move for a cheap price!

Shake Shack – E 23rd St. & Madison Ave

So after all the Asian/South Asian food I do enjoy a simple burger now and then! These burgers are to die for they are amazing! My only complaint is the size, they are friggin tiny! They sort of hurt the wallet too those guys aren’t cheap! I don’t eat there often but the couple times I have were great experiences! The Milkshakes…purely amazing, nothing else can describe them.

New York Burger Co. – 303 Park Ave S (There are other locations as well)

This place beats Shake Shack in my opinion. The Bowry Burger is juicy and meaty and in my opinion the almost perfect burger. If they combined this with the shake shack burgers then we’d have absolute perfection. They have this great Chipotle Honey sauce that tastes suspiciously like Mac sauce. I love Mac Sauce though so no complaints, honestly it tastes better sometimes! They got a nice little sauce bar where you can load up on the millions of different sauces they have. I swear they have everything except mustard. I love having mustard on my fries…can’t stand ketchup. My fiance however is a ketchup fiend.

Ichiumi – 6 E 32nd St.

Back to Asian food for just a minute! I love Sushi and I don’t care what anyone says. Sashimi is great too! My fiance only barley tolerates certain types of Sushi but yea this place is great! This is a Buffet and its cheaper to go here during lunch on non holiday weekdays. The Kimchi Rice is great too! I usually get second or third helpings of it…I’m horrible I know its a sickness! They’ve got some great tasting soups and other hot foods as well. It’s not just seafood here they got all sorts of stuff. Then there is the deserts and wow they have an amazing selection! Fruits of all kinds and the small little cheese cakes mmmm… Fruit tarts and yogurt galore this place has it all!

Red Lobster – 5 Time Square

Speaking of Seafood, do you sea food differently? Red Lobster is a great popular place and my Fiance and I have been going to this once since we were in high school. The best time to go is during their endless shrimp specials because I absolutely love shrimp. They’ve got this new shrimp/mango combination that really makes me thing that mango’s can go pretty much with any type of food and still taste good! Our favorite appetizer is the Shrimp Nachos (Used to be the Lobster Nacho’s but they switched it to shrimp). We always ask for extra Jalepeno because well we love them spices!

I could go on really there are so many places to eat in the city. These are some of my favorites and I might post a couple more down the road. If you are looking for a place to have a nice lunch or dinner in the city try one of these places you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Sibi Ch says:

    im hungry now and i just ate xD. fatass me. 🙂

  2. Sibi Ch says:

    Rai Rai Ken, Bakura grill, Nan King, Max Brenner, Alices Teacup, Chipotle and Famiglia pizzeria should be added 🙂

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