Subway, eat fresh or don’t eat at all?

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Business
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If you’re like me and fine yourself often heading to Subway for a $5 foot long then you might have gotten yourself a Subway points card at one point or another. Basically for every dollar you spend you get a point. You save up enough points and you can redeem them for free food. Here is the current list of items you can redeem for points in the USA:

1 Cookie 10 points
1 Bag of Chips (single serve size) 15 points
Fountain Drink (21oz) 20 points
Bottled Beverage (20oz, 8oz and 15.2oz) 30 points
Seattle’s Best Coffee (12oz & 16oz) 30 points
Breakfast Sandwich on 6″, Flatbread or English Muffin 35 points
Regular 6″ Sub or Flatbread 50 points
Premium 6″ Sub or Flatbread 65 points
Regular Footlong Sub, Flatbread or Salad 75 points
Breakfast Footlong Sub or Flatbread 75 points
Premium Footlong Sub or Flatbread 100 points
Add Double Meat or Extra Cheese or Bacon to Any Regular Sub or Flatbread add 20 points

Took that from their FAQ page. Now basically you can redeem the points this way as long as they are participating in the points program. Pretty much every Subway I’ve gone to have “claimed” that they participate. I say “claimed” because there are a couple Subway’s that will allow you to spend money and earn points but not redeem them. The typical excuse, “I don’t know how to do it.” Who the fuck trained you? In that case you have a horrible manager. Most Subway’s however will have someone who doesn’t claim to be incompetent and will allow you to redeem points for most things. I have yet to find a Subway that will actually allow me to redeem a premium sub. Seriously you say you participate its on the damn company website and then you tell me you can’t do it? I can only redeem for a regular foot long? I’ve never even tried for the double meat thing but I’m sure if I did whoever is there would have a heart attack.

I’ll let you in on a little secret that isn’t so secret. Most Subway’s are run by my people (South Asians). And my people are unfortunately some of the cheapest bastards you will ever meet. I now ask Subway to consider this, why are you posting up these redeem codes when most of your franchise owners don’t follow it or if they do don’t follow it completely? Let’s see if I can get a response. Help me out by tweeting this link to them or sharing it on their Facebook wall.

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  1. Sibi Ch says:

    False advertisement by subway!! Makes me so angry cuz ive spent 100’s of dollars yet i can’t get the sandwich i deserve and hat they are clearly advertising! i tried once, the guy made it for me and everything. Pastrami premium footlong. When it came time to pay for it, I asked to redeem and he like no we can’t grant you premiums anything else I’ll give it to you. I showed him the corporate terms and conditions and he said directly “I’m the owner I make the rules!” So i was like fine then I’m not paying for it and i walked out and other customers were rooting for me too but they’d rather waste the sandwich and throw it away than give it to me for free. It would have been there benefit anyways, took my point and that would have made me keep buying til i reached and spent another 100 bucks on subway.. but noooo they wanna be cheap and follow their own rules. Corporate should really do something because customers are not granted this at all! I tired several subways and they always refuse to grant me what i deserve!

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