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Posted: March 14, 2013 in Music
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Growing up I wasn’t really exposed to much music. I had no older siblings who would shove their favorite artists down on me and my Parents being immigrants never really paid much attention to music that was popular in America. I’d usually feel left out when I’d go to school because I wouldn’t have much clue about the different artists people were talking about. In middle school I was introduced to Linkin Park and that is when everything pretty much changed.

The first songs I listened to from them were “In The End” and “Points of Authority” of the album Hybrid Theory. I didn’t like “In The end” all that much but “Points of Authority” quickly became a song that piqued my interest. I wasn’t really into rap so much at that time and the latter song only had a couple bars of rap so I took in stride and just listened. Later on I heard the song “A Place for My Head” and that is when I started to love rap. I loved the emotion that Mike Shinoda put in those verses at the time and although I now prefer the demo versions of the song and live recordings, I still feel this sweeping energy every time I listen to those verse. I looked up Linkin Park; I revisited “In The End” as well as several other songs and became a die a hard fan, still am actually.

From there I got into Hip Hop. Although I had heard a few songs from the big rappers of the day either in passing or from friends this is when I really started getting fond of the genre. I started listening to Eminem and he quickly became my favorite rapper at the time. I explored other artists like Jay Z and soon found myself drawn to some classic hip hop. I discovered Tupac and Biggie Smalls and soon also went on to listen to NWA, Wu Tang clan and so many more. East Coast or West Coast I didn’t give a damn I just loved the music.

I don’t get that same level of excitement from hip hop that I once did. I still love it and I’m here doing my thing as a rapper and trying to be the artist that I wish I could listen to on the Radio. I’m working on getting there everyday. Recently and well, I am probably a little late but I started getting into Electronic music. Got introduced to artists like Krewella (one of my current favorites!), Nadia Ali, Morgan Page etc. I’m getting that old feeling now that I used to get when I first got into music in general. I’m hoping it doesn’t die down for me too soon, I’ve already noticed that it has died down for a few other people.

I  recently fell in love now with the Glitch Hop genre and what I want to try and do is bring in a nice little blend of Hip Hop and Glitch Hop and create a sound that is sort of unique to me. It could end up sounding like any other thing others have done or it could be something special. I’m hoping for the latter. Glitch Hop has already got Hip Hop influences so there isn’t much to blend, but still there are some elements of Hip Hop missing in Glitch Hop. Mainly rap vocals that are the driving factor in songs. So guys be on the lookout there is some brand new music coming soon!

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  1. Sibi Ch says:

    Music is always changing, and you’ re going to get tired of one thing and like another. But after a while you will come back to the old music and still jam to it. Magic of Music 🙂

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