Utilizing the “Smartness” of my Smart phone

Posted: March 17, 2013 in Technology
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So I just downloaded the WordPress app on my android phone. This here is my first post written on my phone! Isn’t that exciting? Anyway I have a Motorola Triumph. As cool as that sounds…unless you are running a custom ROM like I am then it is a horrible phone.

I stick with it mainly because I only pay $25 a month for unlimited text and data as well as 300 minutes. That plan which is on Virgin Mobile doesn’t seem to be available any longer for new customers. Its advertised as $35 now I think. Not a bad deal considering they have a decent selection of Android phones as well as the IPhone. I would get an IPhone but then I would have to buy it at full price and unfortunately I am a broke rapper/blogger. I am sure you knew that by the lack of sings about money in my discography.

Back to the ROM! I am running MTDEV CM9 which is basically a custom made Ice Scream Sandwich ROM (Android 4.0.4). This updated ROM made my phone actually useable now!

I don’t know about the rest of you Android users but I really love using Widgets. I have Widgets that show my Gmail inbox, my tweets, and my Facebook timeline all on my home screens. Never have to open anything and that’s the way I like it. Well I do have to open some stuff, like this app but hey life isn’t perfect.

So to all you smart phone users out there I ask this: do you utilize the “smartness” of your phone completely?

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  1. Sibi Ch says:

    Theres smart phones… and then .. well there’s the Iphone. 🙂 Just putting it out there!

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