Dancing on Your Graves – New Mixes

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Music
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If you guys remember a couple weeks ago I put up a post about a track I did with Dietmar Tan (Sonic Driver). He’ll be officially releasing it as the summer months approach but for now you can stream it off of Soundcloud. The final mix of his original version of the song is done and you’ll see it in the list of tracks below. There are also quite a few remixes already out with more to come from some very well known Hardcore producers! So far we have Hardcore, Dubstep, Acid, and Breakcore remixes. A lot of these genres are completely new to me and I find that I quite enjoy them! I may be slightly biased since well, my vocals are on all the mixes but hey I did enjoy the tracks! At the moment my personal favorite is the Breakcore remix which was done by DJ Pipe. You’ll find that in the list below as well. Altogether at the moment there are five different mixes of the song, but like I said there is more to come!

Check them out:

Hope you guys enjoy them! I know it’s a new music for a lot of you but give it a shot it’s really interesting and cool! As always guys don’t forget to subscribe to the blog if you haven’t and follow me @rahat_music on twitter!


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