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Posted: March 22, 2013 in Other
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I put up a new Photo Gallery page yesterday, you guys should check it out! I’ll be updating it every so often. My Fiance is the one who took them all, she’s minoring in Photography at Baruch so comment over there and let her know how awesome she is! At some point in the future she will open up her own site with her photography on display under the moniker Munlite Productions. Her names Mun so, get it? Mun…Moon….Munlite? I’m corny I know. Anyway guys she is quite talented and only getting better and better everyday. I would direct you to some pictures she’s taken that are not me but why would you want to see something that isn’t me anyway? Kidding, kidding you know I only jest! 

She actually does pretty much all of my photography. My cover for my first release “The Resurrection EP” while wasn’t her editing were two of her photo’s mixed together with some crazy cool effects. My upcoming release “Breaking Ice” will feature both her photography and Photoshop/editing skills! Be on the lookout for that because not only will you be getting awesome music, you’ll also be getting some nice artwork!

Here is the direct link to my Photo Gallery for those of you who have no desire to scroll back up to the menu and click it from there:

Had a good reception on yesterday’s blog follow me on twitter for more information pertaining to that @rahat_music. Also don’t forget subscribe to the blog via email! You know you want to!

  1. Sibi Ch says:

    nice pictures 😉

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