Marriage Equality

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Current Events
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Initially I was going to name this “Thoughts on Gay Marriage” or something along those lines. Then I sort of thought to myself well…giving it that term “Gay Marriage” sort of makes it something different doesn’t it? We don’t say “Hetero Marriage” when we talk about marriage among straight people. We just say marriage. Anyway as I was going through my Face Book news feed I noticed this image on a lot of peoples profile pictures:

Did a bit of searching online and it seems that the supreme court are beginning hearings on a couple of same-sex marriage laws and people are putting this up as their profile picture in support of the gay community. I’ve never really voiced my opinion on this matter to anyone other than a few friends. Many of my friends will be quick to tell you that I am a homophobe. At one point this would have been true, and even now I am not entirely comfortable with the idea but I am getting over my prejudice.

I am Muslim and this is blatantly against the teachings of my religion. I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not the most religious person but my prejudice did have something to do with that. At one point I sort of sat down and thought about it to myself. Why would associating with Gays be any different than associating with people of other faiths or beliefs? I hold no grudge against people who observe the Hindu religion despite the fact that their beliefs are extremely different from mine. So why should this be any different? At my last job I ran into a few co workers who were gay. I was a little uncomfortable at first but I got over it and treated them just as I would treat any other person I meet. There was one guy who I genuinely liked as a person and getting to know him a little bit for that brief period of time sort of made me question my prejudice even further. He was pretty much the stereotypical gay guy. He spoke with a lisp, was extremely feminine, and really just screamed out gay. He didn’t really bother hiding it at all. I’ve picked on people who were gay or seemed gay in the past. Despite my rather questionable acts in High School in the locker rooms or otherwise I was really against being friends with anyone who was blatantly gay.

Now I’m not saying I am now a gay rights activist or anything like that but I guess I’ve sort of come to accept that there are gay people in the world and they deserve their own rights. It’s their life and I see no reason to impose anything we believe onto them. In the end we are all human despite our upbringing or our beliefs.

My point in writing this? Well I guess to show that you don’t have to hate something you don’t believe in or agree with. There are many different types of people in this world, it would be a much better place if we learned how to live with each other, rather than telling them how to live.

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