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Posted: April 3, 2013 in Humor, Technology
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Randomly the other day I remembered a game I used to play whenever I went to my cousins house in Long Island, Backyard Baseball 2003. This game basically allows you to play as kid versions of famous MLB players as well as original players within the game itself. Very great game if you love Baseball and hell I’m not even into Baseball or most sports in general. I just found this game immensely fun when I was younger and decided to go play it again. 

Image taken from neostarsgames.com

This made me nostalgia so hard I started going through some other games I used to love playing. There was Rage Incoming, a game where you defend the earth from an Alien invasion and ultimately go to the Alien Home planet and blow it up so they can never harm the earth ever again. The graphics are terrible by today’s standards but screw it, I was playing this game on a Windows 98 computer! Windows freaking 98 man. I think graphics are pretty good considering the platform. What confused me a little is that there seems to be two different versions of the game. In the one I grew up with you don’t ever go to the Alien Home planet. You stop them invading Earth and then you head up to the moon where they have a base and a gateway between their planet and the earths moon. In the first version I played you just blow up the Gateway and that’s the end of the game. In the version of the game I have now after rediscovering it you actually travel through the gateway and continue on to the alien home planet and destroy it. Never understood why there where two versions of the same game, the one I had never said it was a demo or anything.

Image taken from retrogamer.net

Now this game was one of the first games I ever played on PC and absolutely fell in love with. Age of Empires the original. I know a lot of people love the sequels even more but this game really just has a special place in my heart that can never be replaced. You can play as many different ancient civilizations including Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Sumerian, Shang, Yamato and more! In a random map free play mode you can start off in the Stone age and slowly build up through the Bronze and Iron age. You build up your army and take out the enemy civilizations. I remember cheating and having futuristic cars that shoot rockets and sending them over to the enemy horse stables and blowing them up. Good times.

Image taken from gamecrot.blogspot.com

Now this list can go on but these three were some of my favorites from my childhood. There is one game however that I just can’t seem to remember the name of. I’ll give you guys a description of it and if anyone knows it I would appreciate it if you would let me know. I’ve wanted to go find this game and play it.

Now I believe it was an MS Dos game but I’m not entirely sure. It’s another one of those games I played on my old Windows 98 Computer. I’ve only ever played the demo so I only know the opening scene and the first course. Basically its a first person vehicular shooter game. The opening credits start I believe with a Red car, not completely sure, driving through some woods. Really creepy scenery, and getting chased by some sort of tank that shoots a white circular type of blast at you. In the game there are different courses you drive through and kill these tanks and other things as you go along. I only ever played the first course with a blue and white car. You can get weapons like machine guns and what not and head through the course. The faster you make it through the more highly your friends from your base think of you. If you do particularly well there is a message that says your friends may let you borrow their cars, which are a hell of lot better than yours. There is a time limit on how much you can spend doing the course, if you go over the time limit however you do not automatically lose. You can still get through and complete the course. The only thing is this gigantic space ship starts chasing you around and shoots rockets at you. Just makes your time getting through the course a million times harder and I don’t think you can actually destroy the damn thing. 

So any help on finding even just the name of this game would be extremely helpful. Let me know in the comments if it rings any bells! Also don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and follow me @rahat_music on twitter.

  1. Sibi Ch says:

    This is the little 8 year old inside you talking. I could hear how passionate you are. lol forever young!

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