Rahat’s Weekly Music Spot #3 Adam Gontier

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Rahat's Weekly Music Spot
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Third one! So this week’s post is about the guy who says, I don’t care but its never too late and I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all so help me tame this animal I have become. Ring any bells? His name is Adam Gontier, former lead singer of the band Three Days Grace. I’m sure if you Google him you’ll find more on the former part but I’m not here to talk about that! This guy here was one of most distinct and amazing voices ever. Currently he’s working on a solo album which is supposed to be released later on this year. He’s also done several shows as solo artist this year as well.

Now those of you who are already fans of him may already be able to tell what my favorite songs with him on it are but lets do some explaining. The first song I don’t Care is actually an Apocalyptica song featuring Adam. This was released as a single and there’s a music video up for it as well. Then there’s Never Too Late, which is actually my favorite song ever from him. I say from him because he’s the main songwriter when it comes to these songs so they lyrics are from him. He’s got the lyrics to that song tattooed on his left arm. The other two songs are Pain, and Animal I have Become, both of which just like Never Too Late are off the album One X.

I will be looking forward to hearing Adams new solo release, a couple of the songs I’ve already heard are very nice! Check out his facebook page below.


As always guys don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and follow me on twitter @rahat_music for the latest updates. I leave you with this live video of Mr. Gontier performing an acoustic rendition of Never Too Late:

  1. Sibi Ch says:

    one of my all time favorites! Good post.

  2. What a great write up on Adam as it should be! I’m looking forward to what’s coming up next with him too. I’ve always been a fan He’s got so much talent!

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