Rahat’s Weekly Music Spot #4 Ellakova

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Rahat's Weekly Music Spot
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One month in! Time to feature the second Independent artist to impress me with their submissions. This time we’ve got a digital musician and illustrator from St Petersburg, Ellakova! She is one of those rare individuals who are very talented in more than one form of art, as not only does she record and perform her own music, but also enjoys photography and taking pictures of other bands performing live at Bush Hall in west London.

Let’s get into her music! She draws her influences from a plethora of different genre’s but with a large focus on Electronica. Her music has got the ability to either make your prance about or sit and ponder about life, music, or nothing at all! Her own musical tastes range from world, to electronic, old school metal and 90’s music. Who doesn’t love 90’s music though?

Here is the music video of the track she submitted to me:

A dreamy track that will have you tapping your heals to the beat, as she sings “Don’t be so harsh to me” on the hook.

She’s also got an EP coming out very soon called “Round One”. I will of course let you guys know when it’s out but if you want to keep up with her, be sure to follow her on twitter @Ellakova or any of her other social sites all of which are accessible through her webpage:


Hope you guys enjoy! If you like these weekly music spots be sure to follow the blog by subscribing. Don’t forget to follow me @rahat_music on twitter!

  1. sam lewis says:

    Cool, reminds of Kraftwerks “Model” in a very strange way.

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