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Posted: April 12, 2013 in Humor, Other
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Relationships are tough. There is no other way to put that really, they just are. Trust me I know I’ve been with my fiance for eight years now. You get all sorts of issues in relationships but here’s one that can sometimes but a hamper on things or just become one of those things the two of you can laugh at afterwards. Other guys and girls who start crushing on your boyfriend or girlfriend.

At one of my earlier jobs we would sometimes have to work with partners in whatever we were assigned to do. Now for the purposes of this blog all names have been changed and I’m not going to tell you what this job was. Now my partner for the day was Sarah, she seemed like a nice enough person and we were getting along having fun and just getting through a day at work. My Fiance popped by to visit like she does every once in a while and I introduce Sarah to her. There was no hi or any formal greeting that escaped Sarah’s lips. I think she may have nodded or something. My fiance stuck around for a short period of time and we talked, Sarah spoke to me but not much to her.

There were several other occasions like this where Sarah would interact with me but always chose to ignore her. I thought nothing of it but my Fiance insisted that this girl likes me and she absolutely hated her. Personally I just though she was being petty at that moment, this girl was just a coworker. See I thought she was seeing this other guy that worked with us since they always seemed to be together when they weren’t working. Turns out he’s gay and that they are best friends, go figure.

Eventually I came to accept that this girl may possibly like me and of course, I tease my fiance mercilessly about it! These things are better just to laugh of keeps the relationship running nicer instead of getting consumed by envy. Now of course, this also had to happen the other way around. This guy who I’ve dubbed Sarah as well, in honor of the original person to bring forth this issue likes my Fiance. How do I know this? We were meeting up with him, though I don’t think he knew I was coming. As soon as I was introduced as the boy toy, the smile that was plastered on his face was gone. Never to return ever again in my presence. There was the same animosity shown to me, that the original Sarah had shown to my fiance. On another occasion I had found them discussing a few things for their class, I went up to them and offered my hand for a handshake. This guy quickly grazed my hand with a dark look on his face, abruptly said goodbye and ran off. We looked at each other and began laughing.

Laughter is one of the best things for a relationship. Never forget the humor in these things! Also it would really help your relationship to subscribe to my blog and follow me @rahat_music on twitter. Just saying…

  1. TheMitchNiche says:

    I really like your point! Sometimes I don’t always do well laughing things like this off with my girlfriend, but I like your approach to it! Gonna have to try it!

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