Evil Nature

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Current Events
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I’m sure by now most of you have heard what happened at the end of the Boston Marathon. Death, murder, chaos, none of these are nice things. I give my condolences to those affected by the tragedy. Some of you might not like what I write in the wrest of this post so I thought I’d say that first, you know just in case I get labelled as an insensitive bastard or something like that. I want to tell you guys a little story, its based on true events.

There was once a kid named Sam, he was the cool kid at school that most people wanted to be like. At lunch time everyone would want to sit around him and talk to him. Well not everyone, there were some people who were envious of Sam or just plain didn’t like him. They wanted to bring him down a peg or two and Sam knew this. He was looked up to as a leader and he wanted to keep that position. A couple kids jumped him one day and left him badly bruised and beat up a couple blocks away from his home. Sam wouldn’t take this lying down however. He got his friends or followers I suppose you could call them and hit the kids back way harder than they hit him.

The thing is though Sam not only got his little revenge on those kids but he made sure to hit those kids friends as well. These were kids who didn’t really have anything to with what happened to Sam. They faced Sam’s wrath anyway just because of their association, however little, with those who hurt him. Same continued on after this asserting his dominance among the rest of the kids. He made sure that his followers where the biggest, meanest kids on the block. He took down most opposition and where he couldn’t, there where boundaries and deals made to keep the peace.

Eventually some new kids came along and started attacking Sam and some of his friends. Sam did what he was best at and hit the new kids and their friends with everything he had. The problem was some of the kids who worked with Sam were related to the new kids. They were ridiculed and shunned and many thought they should suffer the same fate as the new kids. Protests of “we aren’t like them” and “our whole family isn’t like that its just them” often fell on deaf ears. They were harassed and some were beaten up but a few were left mostly alone. Sam attacked some of their families and despite further protests from some within his group he continued on anyway. 

Who is the greater evil? Is it the kids who were jealous of Sam and who originally jumped him? Is it those who  follow Sam and carry out his orders and hurt all these people? Or is it Sam himself who desires to hold onto his position in the school yard as the tough leader who everyone looks up to? Should the other kids look up to Sam if this is what he does?

Following yesterday’s tragedy President Obama announced that investigations will be conducted. They will find those responsible for this. Once they are found they will “face the full weight of justice”. I wonder now if Sam will ever feel that weight himself.

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  1. Sibi Ch says:

    really interesting and you made your point clear.

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