Bigotry at its finest

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Current Events
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So Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, yes I had to copy and paste that, has been caught. He was caught hiding in someones backyard inside of a boat. According to ABC he is being treated for some injuries and a team of interrogators are standing by to begin questioning him. From here on out all we can hope for is to find out the motive. What I wanted to address right now however is the blatant bigotry and irresponsible hasty reporting surrounding this tragedy.

Prior to the release of the actual suspect photo’s the New York Post reported that certain individuals with large backpacks were wanted by the police and suspected of involvement. Where they got this information it seems not even the FBI knows. Salah Eddin Barhoum, 17, was one of these “suspects”. The New York Post painted him as a bombing suspect and now he is scared to even leave his home. By now I hope that fear has died down since they’ve caught the real culprits. As far as I am aware The New York Post has not even issued an apology. I’m hoping the family of the kid gets up and sues them for slander. How a monumental fuck up like that happens, I don’t even know.

Even before that we had a Saudi national who was injured in the blast and being questioned by the authorities. Why was he being questioned? I don’t know maybe its because of the fact that he was a witness? That’s a very logical conclusion isn’t it? Of course Glenn Beck and Steve Emerson didn’t think so and somehow they were under the impression that this man was being deported and because of terrorist related activities. This was also proven to be false, wow.

In both these cases the victim was a Muslim and it really disgusted me that these bigots wanted nothing more than to pin this on a “Jihadist” as soon as possible. Yes in the end the suspects did turn out to be Muslims. At this point I realize its too much to ask for everyone not to paint us all in a bad light. People like Uncle…I mean Erik Rush will always be here to present themselves as disgusting bigots. I won’t ask anything of people like him, they make me loose my faith in humanity.

Fear and lack of understanding spawns hatred. The New York Post, Glenn Beck, Steve Emerson, and Erik Rush have all, in their own ways spread hatred and fear among the sheep being herded by the media. Congratulations to all of you for making Muslim American’s lives just a little bit harder.

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