NY Post: Run an Apology

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Current Events
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A petition has been started in order to get The New York Post to apologize for the false reporting they made on several accounts about the Boston Marathon Bombings.

Click here to Sign This Position

I ask you guys to help out, sign the petition and share it to your friends and ask them to sign it as well. As for the post, it would be one thing to report a minor detail that was false, they however reported several huge false details. They reported 12 people dying as apposed to the actual 3 who died. They went on to say a Saudi national was in custody, this man was actually cleared of all wrong doing and was being questioned as a witness. That’s what authorities do, they talk to witnesses. This guy just happened to be Saudi. The biggest one is their front page run of a picture of two teenagers they claimed the FBI was looking for. Again FALSE.

I mentioned this in my last blog post. The newspaper, if it can actually be called that, needs to at the very least apologize. A front page apology would be best. I mean I get it they are a business, the need to make money. Stories like these sell, weather they are true or not. I could use a quick buck myself. Making a quick buck however is no excuse for false reporting like this. The Post is now what $1? Ladies and gentlemen who buy the post, you spent $1 on false information. Paid for a newspaper that lied to you and caused a teenage boy to fear leaving his home.

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