Rahat’s Weekly Music Spot #7 Cue Roc

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Rahat's Weekly Music Spot
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Since we didn’t have a feature last week I figured this week we’ll have two! Today’s music spot is on an up and coming MC from Queens, NY. He goes by the name of Cue Roc and specializes in being a true MC. He entered the rap game back in 2000, as the years have gone by he’s amassed an impressive repertoire of tracks in both English and Spanish. When asked about which language it’s easier for him to rap in he replied, “Spanish is easier when it comes to the flow but harder to be intricate as for punch lines which come a lot easier in English.”

Cue Roc has got a new release titled, “Get it How I live” coming real soon but for now you can check out some of his other hits off of his website http://cueroc.com/. One of my favorite tracks is “Spinning” which you can check out the video for below:

To keep up with Cue Roc make sure to check out his website and follow all his social network sites! Just want to say bro keep it up, looking forward to hearing more from you!

Shout out from Cue Roc: “I wanna say thank you for doing the interview and letting the public know whats going on. Shout outs to E.Rex, Anthony Buckly, Tona Rodríguez, Tania Castro ,smrsound.com and all the fans.”

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