First Single & Remix Contest

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Contests, Music
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The information below is no longer valid! Check Out this link for updated information on this contest:

The first single off of my upcoming album “Awakening” is now out. The song is called “Anthem Flow” and is produced by The 2nd Hope! Check the song out here:

Hope you all enjoyed it! The Song is available for free download! The Album will be released on May 27th, expect a video for this track to follow as well! To celebrate the release of this single I will be holding a remix contest for this song. What I want you guys to do is take the raw vocal files and create a remix for the song. I want to see some creativity on this one. I gave you the raw vocals so you can feel free to edit and manipulate the hell out of them for your remix!

Prizes: There will be three winners chosen for this competition. One grand prize winner of my choice will have their remix released on a three track EP this summer which will be sold via Itunes, Amazon, and many more websites that I have distribution to. All profits made off of your remix will be split between us 50/50. Further details on this will be discussed with the winner. The winner will also be interviewed and get a special feature on my Weekly Music Spot and receive promotion on their music via all of my social networking sites. The two runners up of my choice will have their remix featured on an Echo’s of Rahat post.


1. The remix can be of any genre of your choosing, special kudos will be given to those who bring in unexpected genres in their remix.

2. You are allowed to add in new vocals if you wish, I encourage this actually.

3. You cannot sell this track or distribute it anywhere without my permission. Only the winner is allowed to make money off of this.

4. You must upload your remix to either Soundcloud or Youtube and submit your links in the comments section of this blog post. DO NOT embed your submission in the comments just leave a link.
– Soundcloud users must use the artwork provided as the cover art for their submission.
– Youtube users must include the artwork provided in their video.

5. Your track is not allowed to be offered as free downloads while the contest is in session. Once it is over you may do so if you wish. (The exception of course being the winner.)

6. You must submit your remix by June 6th, 2013. Any submissions turned in after this will not be considered. Winners will be announced on June 10th, 2013.

7. You must be creative and have fun!

BPM – 110

Also if you guys could take a moment to vote for this song on an Indaba competition I would truly appreciate that as well!

Here are the Vocal Stems and Artwork:

There you have it guys I do hope you enjoy! Subscribe to the blog to keep up with details on the contest and info on the new album! Don’t forget to follow me @rahat_music on twitter!

  1. Sibi Ch says:

    i love this song!

  2. Rahat says:

    Thanks everyone for the submissions so far, some of you are setting the bar really high! I’m wondering if there will be any glitch hop submissions hmmm…looking forward to hearing some with new vocals as well.

  3. kbeatz77 says:

    ….hope u like it thx for listen pZ

  4. CitySpeak says:

    Had a lotta fun with this one! Original is great 🙂 Heres my remix:

    Thanks – CitySpeak

  5. Rahat says:

    Thank’s again guys for your submissions!

    Most of you have been great about this but please do not embed the tracks into the comments. The reason I ask this is because if everybody embedded their tracks this page would take forever to load! Also again most of you followed this rule but there are a couple how didn’t 😉 please do not forget to use the provided artwork in your submissions. If you do not do this your submission will not be considered during final decisions!

    Cheers guys everything is sounding great so far!

  6. Rahat says:

    Hey guys just doing a bit more shameless promotion here. I’m trying to get this song on a mixtape hosted by Wale. If you can help me out by sending in a vote on here I would really appreciate it. You can vote using Twitter, Facebook, or both! Would appreciate the support thanks!

  7. Stray Side says:


  8. Rahat says:

    Heads up to everyone! The contest deadline is being extended and is being moved to Talent House. You will have to resubmit your tracks to the page linked below. The contest is now being sponsored by Nokia! Winners will now receive cash prizes from Nokia! Check full details below:

  9. Stan says:

    Better late than never!

  10. Rahat – Anthem Flow (Produced by 2nd Hope) (HRE rmx) by Toshihiro
    Check this out^^

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