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Posted: May 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I’ve been neglecting the Blog here in favor of promoting my new music to everyone and their mother. Happy early mothers day to all the mothers out there by the way. Anyway if you haven’t heard I’ve got a new single out called Anthem Flow which is produced by The 2nd Hope. Check that out on the SoundCloud player on the home page and share it with your friends! Also running a Remix contest for that, as of writing this blog post I’ve got 5 submissions. When I looked at the number of downloads on my vocal stems it said 115. So I’m expecting another 110 remixes LOL!

I’m sure not everyone will actually submit but I am looking forward to whoever is. This has been one level of promotion for my single which I encourage all artists to try out for yourselves. Many people love remixing for the hell of it, turn it into a contest and post it around and boom you’ll have a few people remixing and sharing that remix with your friends. Some of them may look up the original. If they don’t screw it at least they’re listening to a remix of you. Other then that playing shows and building your online presence is what us Indie musicians have got to do. I’ve been submitting to blogs left and write and quite a few have enjoyed and posted the song up. Got a few nice spins on a couple radio shows as well. That’s another important thing, submitting to music blogs (like this one!)

You see what I did there in those two paragraphs? I helped you out and gave you some information and still promoted my music and services along the way. If you’ve got a blog write up posts giving advice on certain things, spread some knowledge and put in a sentence or two about your work. It works wonders I assure you! I’m not claiming to be an expert on this stuff but I’m learning whats effective and what isn’t. I’ll put up a list maybe in a day or two on different promotion techniques you can use to get your music out there. For now though I’m out going back to promoting this song.

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