Modern Hearts (The 2nd Hope Remix)

Posted: May 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Calling everybody up to help out on this! So my man The 2nd Hope just put up a remix of Modern Hearts by The Knocks ft. St. Lucia. The remix is for a contest on Indaba and right now we need your help in getting this track out to as many people as possible!

Check it out here:

What we want you to do is tweet the link, share it on Facebook, Pintrest, Reddit, WHATEVER. Just get this track out there to everybody! If you don’t remember The 2nd Hope is the guy who produced the instrumental on my latest single “Anthem Flow”. He’s a real talented dude and it would mean a lot if you took out the time to listen and share this song! Voting for the track starts on June 4th so make sure you tune back in at that time to vote for the track! Support some awesome indie music guys!

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Heres the announcement I made about this on soundcloud:


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