A friend of mine sent me a link today for a Facebook page on a brand new movie that is in the works and I thought I’d share it with you guys. The movie is titled The Great Art of Being starring G. Paul Salvetti, Stephanie Van Rijn, Jocelin Haas, and my friend Billy Peck. The film is an independent dramatic comedy directed by Jose Rico and Billy has informed me that shooting will being in June of 2013. For those of you who haven’t realized that’s June of this year!

The Facebook page gives a brief plot outline which you can check out below:

(Stephanie van Rijn)

“The life of a lonely and insecure history teacher, Norman (Salvetti) is changed by the arrival of a young liberal arts teacher, Astrid (van Rijn) as they help each other in their own struggle.” (The Great Art of Being Facebook Page)

Production of the film is being done by Moonware Films. Billy also told me that the movie is being shot on the RED: Scarlet. Now me being a music person and not a film guy, I had to go and look up what exactly that was. This is a camera, from what I’ve seen on my brief Google search that is one of the more respected cameras in the film industry.Costs a pretty penny too based on what I saw. That said though you can definitely expect this to be a high quality movie.

(G. Paul Salvetti)

The Script, which was written by Ms. Stephanie Van Rijn has garnered much interest, and the addition of G. Paul Salvetti and Billy Peck ensures that this movie will have a strong effect and is expected to show in many, many festivals. Overall, Jose Rico Helms a very talented cast!

For more information on the movie check out the Facebook page below:

Make sure you show them some love and support by clicking the “like” button and sharing the page with your friends!

(Billy Peck)

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