Okay guys for those of you who have really cool YouTube Channel’s there is something you need to know! Your awesome design may soon be completely messed and appear not so awesome anymore. On June 5th YouTube is switching over to their brand new “YouTube One” channel design. Remember back when Facebook made it mandatory for everyone to switch over to Timeline? Remember the initial “no I hate this” and confusion everyone had on what to do with this new layout? Well I assume you don’t want to have that happen to you if you have a popular YouTube channel right….right?

The other issue is well, the majority of us are not really gifted with designing skills and we don’t have the money to go hire a designer to do it for us. I recently came across very easy to use service called ISP Tube Edition.

ISP Tube Edition is basically a YouTube One channel maker. It’s designed to make things simple and easy for people like you and I (unless you are some amazing gifted designer) when trying to create a customized YouTube One Channel. I got a chance to try out the platform and do some exploring. There is a tone of tutorials and guides in the Training section of the platform that I found extremely helpful. The tutorials give you step by step instructions on how to create everything from the bottom up, even instructions on creating the channel itself. There is no longer any reason for you not to be able to this on your own thanks to the help of ISP Tube Edition.

For those of us who are truly novices they even YouTube One Channel templates already built in and ready to go for a number of different industries. Load up a template and customize it to your needs and you can be good to go in minutes! Check out this demo video below highlighting some of the cool things you can do using this platform:

For more information and to grab this for yourself click here.

My personal rating for this product: 4.5/5. Very nearly perfect though I would love to see some features integrated for musicians! As an artist any features helping me connect my music with my audience would be very helpful!

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