Remix Contest Extension and new prizes!

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Contests, Music
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EDIT: Nokia as of now has revoked their sponsorship. I was not given an actual reason as to why this happened and am still trying to figure that out. The contest is still on over at Talent House with the original prizes. The cash prizes was supposed to be provided by them but as they are now gone there are no cash prizes, for the time being. I am working on getting you guys some more cool stuff in terms of prizes so hang tight! I will keep you guys updated on this but please continue to submit your tracks!

Ok guys so the contest was supposed to end this week but is now getting extended and with support from Nokia the prizes just got better! We got the contest upgraded and is now being hosted on Talent House. If you haven’t heard of Talent House this is a website that hooks up artists of all mediums with many different opportunities with huge bands and artists. They have had contests featuring Pitbull, Linkin Park, Green Day, and so much more! Now my own contest is being featured alongside these guys and is being sponsored by Nokia! The rules have been edited slightly, here’s a brief overview:

-Submissions will now only be accepted through SoundCloud!
-You will have to sign up on Talent House (Completely Free) and submit your track there.
-There will be a voting aspect of this competition! The grand prize winner will still be chosen by me regardless of how many votes you have. If you impress me you will still win! You also get $250 if I like you the most along with the regular prizes!
-Second place will be chosen from the highest voted entry! This person will get $100 along with the regular prizes.

Submissions have been extended to July 12, 2013. So for all of you saying you didn’t have enough time you now have yet another month! The Voting period will be from July 13th – July 19th! Winners will be announced on July 31st! Full details in the link below:

Let’s get to work guys! Submit those tracks now!


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