Posted: June 7, 2013 in Music

What up guys, lots of cool stuff have been happening lately. As you all should know my album Awakening is out you can get that up in my discography page its the first album up there. You can stream the entire thing for free and also download it free as well! The single Anthem Flow as of posting this has crossed the 4000 plays threshold and we’re doing really well on it. My remix contest has been extended and moved over to Talent House and unfortunately out of nowhere the Nokia sponsorship was revoked. I wasn’t given any real reason why it just happened out of nowhere. That’s the music industry for you I guess. The contest is still up and I am working on getting some more cool prizes sponsored for that though so don’t worry!

Now some other cool stuff:

Got a few new features around the net. Here is a new one from BWD Magazine, got a full page wright up in June Issue of their magazine. You can check that out below:


There was also another feature/interview I did for Lulu sound, check that out below:


And finally if you guys remember a little while back I was competing in a remix contest hosted by 50/50 records. Well Decay and I worked together on that and we wound up as runner ups. The label has put up the track for free download off of their SoundCloud! Check that out below:

Some new stuff in the works! I am working with a Producer from 50/50 records on a Glitch Hop track! You guys are in for a real treat soon. Also hooked up with a House DJ from Brazil. He isn’t affiliated with 50/50 but he’s dope as hell and we’re going to be putting out a track as well. Lot’s of cool stuff coming out this summer so stay tuned!

As always make sure that you subscribe to the blog and follow me @rahat_music on twitter for the latest updates on everything!


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