Roads Untraveled Remix

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Music
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Just uploaded a remix of the song “Roads Untraveled” by Linkin Park! Worked with Beat – Manufaktur – Potsdam for this one!  Check it out here:

Here are the lyrics for my verse:

So here we go thinking about the left now
We took the right at the fork can we accept how
We made a choice and made the world that we live in
Every turn that we’ve driven is a hole that we’re skipping
But the turns we didn’t take can’t make us shatter or break
Can’t let it addle our brains as we dog paddle through fate
Just you and me you sticking close to my side
I can’t do it alone for you I  loose up my pride
Break the chains and let it go its the choice I have made
The road I have chosen and the turn of my fate
I don’t regret not going left I went right straight to you
Forget the road we didn’t take on this we’ll make it through
It doesn’t do to dwell in dreams please don’t forget to live
Forget the paths you cudda’ had and run the one that you’re in
So don’t weep for the roads and the paths that never end
Hold my hand and lets walk cuz I can see you need a friend

So don’t weep for those roads
The ones you never chose
Let em go
Let em go
To me the song is about reflecting over paths in life that you could have taken but ultimately did not. It refers to regrets of not choosing a different life but then also urges you to leave those notions or regrets behind you. This is what I addressed in my own additions to the song as well. I do hope you all enjoy this. This was done for a remix contest hosted by the Linkin Park Association (LPA). It is called the LPA Monthly Mix Up (MMU). The guys at the LPA hold a remix contest every month and this month we were given a choice to remix one of three songs. The three songs were Lies Greed Misery, Roads Untraveled, and Skin to Bone. I ended up going with Roads Untraveled as its my favorite song off of Living Things.
I do hope you guys enjoy it and remember to subscribe to the blog! Also follow me @rahat_music on twitter for the latest updates on blog postings and everything else!

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