My First Car Accident

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Other

Had my first car accident last week, very interesting experience. I was driving on the Major Deegan, those of you who live in the area should know what kind of nightmare that is. My fiance and I were heading towards Queens in this heavy traffic and we were right behind a pick up truck. Now he’s trying to take the lane into exit seven which goes towards the George Washington Bridge and I’m trying to continue on towards Queens.

Hopefully you have a decent picture of the initial situation now here’s the crappy part. I switch onto my lane to head on and he’s on his lane as well. Unfortunately he has this huge cage surrounding his truck and its curved at the bottom, which I hit. Completely sliced up my tire and fucked up the the right side of the car as well as the door. At that moment I don’t even remember my mind functioning. I instinctively hit the breaks, I don’t even remember doing that actually.

The worst part of this is that it wasn’t even my car. It was a Zipcar. Actually no there is an even worse part, I was too cheap to pay the $9 insurance fee. At this point I’m waiting for them to do their little inspections and then we figure out how much I owe them. According to the guy the most I’ll have to pay is $750, and that would only be if the car is completely totaled. It’s not, you can still drive it just needs some fixing up. I had the tire replaced so hopefully they see that as an act of good will.

The moral of this story? ALWAYS get the insurance. I guess also be patient and careful on a busy highway. Anyway guys subscribe to the blog if you want to take pity on me. Don’t forget to follow me @rahat_music on twitter.


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