Linzi Stoppard Electric Violinist

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Music
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linzi-stoppard-wiki-artworkViolins are one of my favorite instruments. Back when I was into producing, nearly all my hip hop tracks would feature violins in some form or another. I recently came across a very talented violinist who goes by the name of Linzi Stoppard. She’s one half of the musical Duo named Fuze and is an extremely talented individual. Check out her webpage below for an awesome performance from her and her:

linzi-stoppard-purple-mini-1Doing a little search on her on Google I found out a few interesting facts. Linzi grew up in Surrey (Just like Harry Potter!) and has been taking violin lessons since the age of four. As she molded her awesome talents she also took up modeling along the way. Can’t blame her, she’s ah quite nice to look at. Linzi has quite a lot of musical achievements under her belt. She’s played for royalty, Albert II, Prince of Monaco. She’s also performed at C Music TV’s European launch event, the 2009 British Red Cross International fundraising gala and so much more! She’s constantly doing new and amazing things, one of the ways you can keep up with them is by checking out her Facebook Fan page below and giving it a like:

linzistoppardviolinwiki10Make sure you do check her out guys. For those of you on twitter you can follow her at @linzistoppard. Do make sure to follow and support her and all the artists I post about here. If you like them then always make sure to support them! I mean you support them and they make more music for you, win-win situation, right? For more updates on everything guys make sure that you subscribe to the blog and also follow me @rahat_music on twitter!


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