Anthem Flow Music Video

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Music
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Hey guys, I just put up the music video for my song “Anthem Flow” which is up now on my YouTube page. Check it out below:

Hope you guys like it, if you do please make sure to hit the thumbs up button and share it with your friends! The Video was shot by my Fiance over the course of two days where we pretty much just decided to roam around Manhattan and do the video in various places of interest. Even went down to work and took some shots with a couple of coworkers which produced some hilarious results. We did this during a heat wave and well my Fiance didn’t really appreciate me dragging her around for this the whole time. We got on each others nerves for most of the day but ended up having fun and ended the shoot with a round of mini gold down by Hudson River Park. We wanted to do a shoot in the Rain Room at the MOMA but unfortunately that has about a seven hour wait time just to enter the damn thing.

Anyway we sat down together to edit the video together and while she did most of the work I was basically there ordering her around and telling her to “do this” or “no don’t do that!” and “What the hell are you doing?” Generally just getting on her nerves but its okay she loves me.

Anyway guys I really do hope you like it and please share it with your friends and subscribe to both the blog and my YouTube page! Don’t forget to follow me @rahat_music on twitter as well. Thanks!

  1. Sibi Ch says:

    and even after all that i love you… sigh lol it was fun though so thanks for the experience!

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