The Great Art of Being – Billy Peck Interview

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Movies/Film
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You guys might remember a while back I posted a blog about a movie called “The Great Art of Being”. This movie, if you haven’t read my last post on it, features a friend of mine named Billy Peck as one of the lead actors. See that’s how you know I’m a music type of guy, rather then say starring I said featuring. Well anyway I recently got a chance to sit down and talk to Billy for a little bit on behalf of Echo’s of Rahat and we spoke a little bit about the movie.

E.O.R: First off thanks so much for sitting down with me. Why don’t you give everyone a little introduction to yourself.

B.P: Hey Man, It’s No problem. I really appreciate your time. Well, My name is Billy Peck and I play Zeke in the Independently produced feature film “The Great Art of Being” I am also one of the Executive Producers of the film.

E.O.R: Great so tell us a little about your new movie the great art of being.

Director Jose Rico (Center) Checks the footage.

B.P: Well what would you like me to say? I think this film is something that anyone can enjoy. The Film Centers around three characters. Norman, Astrid, and my character, Zeke. The film is very much about how these characters “Attempt” to co-exist, which is quite interesting because of their obviously very different attitudes and lifestyles. In the words of the director, Mr. Jose Rico, (who is quite Brilliant, by the way) the film is about Friendship, Self-improvement, and how meeting a person in the right moment can really change, really impact your life. Self discovery mostly. Now, I’m going to quit talking, because I’ll just ramble on and give the plot away.

E.O.R: How did you initially get involved with this movie?

Stephanie van Rijn (Astrid) and Billy Peck (Zeke) in a shot from “The Great Art of Being”

B.P: Well, I’ve known both the Writer/ Lead Actress Stephanie van Rijn, and Jose Rico (Director) for a long time. We’ve worked on quite a few shorts , I guess it was only natural to go bigger. To be quite honest, I’m quite happy to be a part of the project. Stephanie just really knows how to write beautifully and I can’t emphasize how much easier good writing makes my job as an actor. Jose really knows how to work with Actors.

E.O.R: This is your first feature film correct? How different was this from your previous acting gigs?

B.P: Well, you would be correct about this being my first feature length film. I’ve done tons of shorts, plays, and musical theater productions but you would never imagine the change of scale when it comes to a feature length production. So, so many crew members, photographers, extras, Assistants to the assistants and so forth. I guess it’s really the scale of the production that makes it much bigger. My way of Acting hasn’t changed though. or maybe it has…who knows?

E.O.R-What was the hardest part of the shooting process?

B.P- Again with the size of the production. There is nothing like reading your script at 5:30 in the morning while people attempt to make you look good.

E.O.R: I would like to point out that Billy said “attempt”.

B.P.  (laughing) Right but like I was saying who honestly wants to get their makeup done at 5:30? Do you?

E.O.R: I wouldn’t know too much about this make up thing to be honest…

B.P. I mean it’s basically wake up early. Act. Try to eat somewhat healthily. Act again. Then some more Acting. Then by the time you get back to the place you’re staying, its 1 am and you’ve got a 6 page scene to memorize. The process is Exhausting. Everyone thinks its so glamorous making movies. Its not. But I’d be fibbing if I said I didn’t savor every second of it.

E.O.R: What have you learned from this experience?

B.P: I’d talk for days if I told you everything.

E.O.R: Well I don’t have all that time so make it snappy!

B.P:  I learned so much about what goes on behind the camera rather than in front of it. Listen, People go an see movies all the time nowadays. They pay their 12 bucks, watch the movie and that’s it. They never see the countless hours that it takes to produce a film. They don’t see the hard work that everyone has to put in for a successful film. If I really learned anything, I’d say I learned that every gear is vital to making a well oiled production.

E.O.R: Interesting, I feel the same way about making music. Now tell me about you guys, how does the cast interact with one another when the camera is off?

B.P: At the end of the day we’re all great friends. When we’re not shooting we try to find interesting and fun things to do together. Watching movies, cooking, eating at new places etc. but thats not even counting the countless funny moments between takes.

E.O.R: What was your favorite scene to shoot?

Billy Peck (Zeke) and G. Paul Salvetti (Norman) Work through a scene

B.P- That’s a hard question because there are so many wonderful scenes in the film. But specifically, there is a scene between Zeke and Norman (Norman is played by G. Paul Salvetti, Besides being a very good actor, he’s what I’d consider a real mans man) Anyways, For reasons you’ll have to watch the film to know, Zeke and Norman get into what I’d call the classic Western standoff. Man versus man. It’s a very fierce scene. Definitely a scene to be excited about seeing.

E.O.R-: Definitely looking forward to that one, now was there any scene you had difficulty shooting or made you step outside your comfort zone?

B.P:Yes, Actually. I’ve worked with animals and kids before. (Which any Actor knows they can be unpredictable ) But I’ve never had to literally operate a car while Acting. It’s very dangerous for obvious reasons. There are so many things that can go wrong, while you try to give a good performance. Really, really tough stuff.

E.O.R: Well this is sounding to be pretty cool. Where can my readers follow you and get the latest info on the movie?

B.P: The Film is soon to have its very own website and IMDB page. But for now, follow us at our official Facebook fan page- There, we will post updates, pictures, news about festival entries, and anything related to the film.

E.O.R:What happens next?

B.P: Well, shooting the film is only one part of the battle. There’s the editing process, promotion, distribution, festivals entries. etc. etc. Many more things to do. “The Great Art of Being” will premier all over North America. Canada, Mexico, NYC, New Jersey, L.A, Ohio, just to name a few.

E.OR: Is there anything else you would like to say before we wrap up?

B.P-Yes Sir. Firstly, I’d love to really thank you for your time. “The Great Art of Being” will real ease its first trailer late next week. So stay tuned for that! Otherwise, Continue to check out the latest on our fan page Thanks Echoes of Rahat!

Well folks do make sure you listen to him and go like that Facebook page. Looking forward to watching this movie myself and hopefully so are the rest of you! I’ll post up the trailer once that’s out as well so stay tuned. Don’t miss out on this or anything guys make sure to subscribe to the blog and follow me on twitter @rahat_music for the latest updates on this and more!


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