Kollidescope – First release

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Yes I know that isn’t how you spell Kaleidoscope but we changed the spelling for our music group. Kollidescope is a brand new EDM-Rap duo of which I am one half of. My partner in crime is Soukai who is an awesome EDM producer. We’re currently working on an EP which we hope to have out to you by the winter time. For now however we have just released our very first track which is also available as a free download. The song is called Plasma and is actually a remix of a track I did with another producer who goes by The Silent Hope. With his permission we have now remixed it under the Kollidescope name. You can listen to and download the track below:

For more information about Kollidescope check out the Kollidescope tab up on the top of the website. For those of you on Twitter make sure to follow us @KollidescopeEDM. We’ve got more tunes coming for you so be prepared! 

As usual don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and also follow me on twitter @rahat_music. 


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