Rahat has been a hip hop artist for most of his life. The native of Bangladesh was raised in the Bronx and started rapping just before he entered high school. He began to rap mainly to impress his girlfriend and that proved to be a smart move because that girl is now his fiancé. Rapping and hip hop music was more than just a way to impress a girl though. Music was a way for Rahat to deal with the struggles that most young men face during their formative years. Rahat has struggled with significant loss in his life including the loss of many friends and he used music to cope with that loss. Creative music was not only a way to deal with loss but also a way to pay tribute to the friends who were no longer there.

Rahat’s music is inspired by his life experiences and it projects a positive message designed to inspire. Rahat has something of a hero complex and he creates music to uplift and guide people through their dark moments. Rahat’s biggest inspiration was his best friend Angel who inspired his love of hip hop before tragically passing away. Rahat’s recent release “A Seraph’s Gift” was a tribute to Angel. Rahat is currently promoting his latest album “Awakening” which is available for free on his Band Camp page. He is also gearing up to release an EP on ITunes later this year.


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