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I’m back with a brand new song! Worked with a producer named Jounin and it’s a remix of Linkin Park’s A Light That Never Comes and is entered in this contest on Indaba music. Help us by voting so we can get heard by Linkin Park and possibly be released on a brand new upcoming EP from them! Check out the link below give it a listen and please do vote!


Links to both mine and Jounins other tracks are included in the description over there. Though if you are here then you probably don’t need to figure out where my music is. Support us by sharing the link around to your friends we are now in the top 20! Special thanks to all the blogs and radio networks that have been helping out with the promotion we truly appreciate it!

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Yes I know that isn’t how you spell Kaleidoscope but we changed the spelling for our music group. Kollidescope is a brand new EDM-Rap duo of which I am one half of. My partner in crime is Soukai who is an awesome EDM producer. We’re currently working on an EP which we hope to have out to you by the winter time. For now however we have just released our very first track which is also available as a free download. The song is called Plasma and is actually a remix of a track I did with another producer who goes by The Silent Hope. With his permission we have now remixed it under the Kollidescope name. You can listen to and download the track below:

For more information about Kollidescope check out the Kollidescope tab up on the top of the website. For those of you on Twitter make sure to follow us @KollidescopeEDM. We’ve got more tunes coming for you so be prepared! 

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You guys might remember a while back I posted a blog about a movie called “The Great Art of Being”. This movie, if you haven’t read my last post on it, features a friend of mine named Billy Peck as one of the lead actors. See that’s how you know I’m a music type of guy, rather then say starring I said featuring. Well anyway I recently got a chance to sit down and talk to Billy for a little bit on behalf of Echo’s of Rahat and we spoke a little bit about the movie.

E.O.R: First off thanks so much for sitting down with me. Why don’t you give everyone a little introduction to yourself.

B.P: Hey Man, It’s No problem. I really appreciate your time. Well, My name is Billy Peck and I play Zeke in the Independently produced feature film “The Great Art of Being” I am also one of the Executive Producers of the film.

E.O.R: Great so tell us a little about your new movie the great art of being.

Director Jose Rico (Center) Checks the footage.

B.P: Well what would you like me to say? I think this film is something that anyone can enjoy. The Film Centers around three characters. Norman, Astrid, and my character, Zeke. The film is very much about how these characters “Attempt” to co-exist, which is quite interesting because of their obviously very different attitudes and lifestyles. In the words of the director, Mr. Jose Rico, (who is quite Brilliant, by the way) the film is about Friendship, Self-improvement, and how meeting a person in the right moment can really change, really impact your life. Self discovery mostly. Now, I’m going to quit talking, because I’ll just ramble on and give the plot away.

E.O.R: How did you initially get involved with this movie?

Stephanie van Rijn (Astrid) and Billy Peck (Zeke) in a shot from “The Great Art of Being”

B.P: Well, I’ve known both the Writer/ Lead Actress Stephanie van Rijn, and Jose Rico (Director) for a long time. We’ve worked on quite a few shorts , I guess it was only natural to go bigger. To be quite honest, I’m quite happy to be a part of the project. Stephanie just really knows how to write beautifully and I can’t emphasize how much easier good writing makes my job as an actor. Jose really knows how to work with Actors.

E.O.R: This is your first feature film correct? How different was this from your previous acting gigs?

B.P: Well, you would be correct about this being my first feature length film. I’ve done tons of shorts, plays, and musical theater productions but you would never imagine the change of scale when it comes to a feature length production. So, so many crew members, photographers, extras, Assistants to the assistants and so forth. I guess it’s really the scale of the production that makes it much bigger. My way of Acting hasn’t changed though. or maybe it has…who knows?

E.O.R-What was the hardest part of the shooting process?

B.P- Again with the size of the production. There is nothing like reading your script at 5:30 in the morning while people attempt to make you look good.

E.O.R: I would like to point out that Billy said “attempt”.

B.P.  (laughing) Right but like I was saying who honestly wants to get their makeup done at 5:30? Do you?

E.O.R: I wouldn’t know too much about this make up thing to be honest…

B.P. I mean it’s basically wake up early. Act. Try to eat somewhat healthily. Act again. Then some more Acting. Then by the time you get back to the place you’re staying, its 1 am and you’ve got a 6 page scene to memorize. The process is Exhausting. Everyone thinks its so glamorous making movies. Its not. But I’d be fibbing if I said I didn’t savor every second of it.

E.O.R: What have you learned from this experience?

B.P: I’d talk for days if I told you everything.

E.O.R: Well I don’t have all that time so make it snappy!

B.P:  I learned so much about what goes on behind the camera rather than in front of it. Listen, People go an see movies all the time nowadays. They pay their 12 bucks, watch the movie and that’s it. They never see the countless hours that it takes to produce a film. They don’t see the hard work that everyone has to put in for a successful film. If I really learned anything, I’d say I learned that every gear is vital to making a well oiled production.

E.O.R: Interesting, I feel the same way about making music. Now tell me about you guys, how does the cast interact with one another when the camera is off?

B.P: At the end of the day we’re all great friends. When we’re not shooting we try to find interesting and fun things to do together. Watching movies, cooking, eating at new places etc. but thats not even counting the countless funny moments between takes.

E.O.R: What was your favorite scene to shoot?

Billy Peck (Zeke) and G. Paul Salvetti (Norman) Work through a scene

B.P- That’s a hard question because there are so many wonderful scenes in the film. But specifically, there is a scene between Zeke and Norman (Norman is played by G. Paul Salvetti, Besides being a very good actor, he’s what I’d consider a real mans man) Anyways, For reasons you’ll have to watch the film to know, Zeke and Norman get into what I’d call the classic Western standoff. Man versus man. It’s a very fierce scene. Definitely a scene to be excited about seeing.

E.O.R-: Definitely looking forward to that one, now was there any scene you had difficulty shooting or made you step outside your comfort zone?

B.P:Yes, Actually. I’ve worked with animals and kids before. (Which any Actor knows they can be unpredictable ) But I’ve never had to literally operate a car while Acting. It’s very dangerous for obvious reasons. There are so many things that can go wrong, while you try to give a good performance. Really, really tough stuff.

E.O.R: Well this is sounding to be pretty cool. Where can my readers follow you and get the latest info on the movie?

B.P: The Film is soon to have its very own website and IMDB page. But for now, follow us at our official Facebook fan page- www.facebook.com/TGAOB. There, we will post updates, pictures, news about festival entries, and anything related to the film.

E.O.R:What happens next?

B.P: Well, shooting the film is only one part of the battle. There’s the editing process, promotion, distribution, festivals entries. etc. etc. Many more things to do. “The Great Art of Being” will premier all over North America. Canada, Mexico, NYC, New Jersey, L.A, Ohio, just to name a few.

E.OR: Is there anything else you would like to say before we wrap up?

B.P-Yes Sir. Firstly, I’d love to really thank you for your time. “The Great Art of Being” will real ease its first trailer late next week. So stay tuned for that! Otherwise, Continue to check out the latest on our fan page www.facebook.com/TGAOB. Thanks Echoes of Rahat!

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Hey guys, I just put up the music video for my song “Anthem Flow” which is up now on my YouTube page. Check it out below:

Hope you guys like it, if you do please make sure to hit the thumbs up button and share it with your friends! The Video was shot by my Fiance over the course of two days where we pretty much just decided to roam around Manhattan and do the video in various places of interest. Even went down to work and took some shots with a couple of coworkers which produced some hilarious results. We did this during a heat wave and well my Fiance didn’t really appreciate me dragging her around for this the whole time. We got on each others nerves for most of the day but ended up having fun and ended the shoot with a round of mini gold down by Hudson River Park. We wanted to do a shoot in the Rain Room at the MOMA but unfortunately that has about a seven hour wait time just to enter the damn thing.

Anyway we sat down together to edit the video together and while she did most of the work I was basically there ordering her around and telling her to “do this” or “no don’t do that!” and “What the hell are you doing?” Generally just getting on her nerves but its okay she loves me.

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Tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan, some people around the world have already started. Some are just waking up now before sunrise in their respective parts of the world to eat and pray before drifting back to sleep. Its somewhat comical explaining to friends who aren’t Muslims about how we fast everyday from sunrise to sunset for an entire month. Some of them don’t understand how its possible, others think we’re just crazy. Whatever the case though not all of them ask us why we do it. I guess most assume its just some religious reason that they couldn’t care less about. I was eating dinner today and just started reflecting on the reason behind why I fast.

First and foremost well I’m a Muslim. That’s how I was brought up and that’s all I knew in my childhood. I would watch my parents begin fasting, would watch my dad sometimes get a little irritated at that time of the year and then ultimately it would end up in this huge celebration known as Eid al-Fitr. I never truly understood why we do it until I grew into my adolescent years. The purpose of Ramadan is to basically get rid of all the bad habits you learned throughout the past year. It’s supposed to teach you discipline and self control. Think about it, your stopping yourself from eating and drinking for long periods of the day. You teach yourself not to do things that you normally would do every day because you need to do it. So if you can discipline yourself to live without things you actually need for these long periods of time, then why even bother doing things that aren’t allowed for the rest of the months?

Unfortunately not all of us think of it this way. Ramadan is taking place in the summer. People are hot, sweaty, dehydrated and we have this heat wave going on. Most people are thinking wait, on top of all of this crap now I have to fast? How am I going to survive through this? I won’t lie I’ve had these thoughts in my head as well. I was thinking to myself, how the hell am I supposed to work? I have to talk all day day at work I’m going to get dehydrated because of this heat and I can’t drink water. Then I thought about last year, wasn’t much different from this one. I survived last year didn’t I? It’ll be hard yes but its going to be manageable.

So we get passed that initial “oh no” feeling, now we fast and we pray and use this month to become better Muslims. Then at the end we go back to the way we were before the month started. I admit freely that pretty much is what happens to me every year. I’ll pray during Ramadan, and then the rest of the year I’ll just go through the motions with my head wandering through other thoughts. A lot of people would call me a hypocrite and ask me why I bother to fast and pray. I mean look at the things I’ve done. I used to drink, I used to do drugs, and I have pre-marital sex. All of which are things not allowed in Islam. In the past I’ve even broken fasts to do these things. So then why do I fast? Why do I pray? I do it because I still have that bit of hope that maybe I can be forgiven for my sins. I’m a stubborn person and as long as I have just a little bit of hope its enough for me. At the end of the day I do have faith in Allah despite my sins. Insha’ Allah I’ll be forgiven. That’s what I tell myself all the time. Even when my heart isn’t completely in my prayer or my fasting.

At the end of this Ramadan I’ll be a sinner again. That’s just me being honest with myself. I do hope that maybe some of the changes I make in my behavior will carry on through the rest of the year. I see this all the time with so many others. Girls who normally wear skirts and revealing clothing will cover up and be more conservative. The crack heads and the alcoholics will try to keep their addictions away for a while. Then it all starts up all over again.

I’m a modern Muslim. I sin, I fast, and I pray. I try to live out my life keeping thoughts of Allah in it but I admit I’m not the best at doing that. Sorry if I sound a little preachy here but any relationship requires both parties to give full attention to each other right? This applies to any form of faith you may have. God is always giving you his attention at all times, now are you returning it? I admit that I don’t always return it. What about the rest of you? Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

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Those of you who are Linkin Park fans might remember the song Hands Held High from the album Minutes to Midnight. Casper, the guy who produced Anthem Flow, came to me asking me to contribute vocals to a track he was doing that was inspired by the original song. Rather then having it be a remix we made it become its own song using the same premise that existed in the original. Check it out below guys, I really hope you like it:

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linzi-stoppard-wiki-artworkViolins are one of my favorite instruments. Back when I was into producing, nearly all my hip hop tracks would feature violins in some form or another. I recently came across a very talented violinist who goes by the name of Linzi Stoppard. She’s one half of the musical Duo named Fuze and is an extremely talented individual. Check out her webpage below for an awesome performance from her and her:


linzi-stoppard-purple-mini-1Doing a little search on her on Google I found out a few interesting facts. Linzi grew up in Surrey (Just like Harry Potter!) and has been taking violin lessons since the age of four. As she molded her awesome talents she also took up modeling along the way. Can’t blame her, she’s ah quite nice to look at. Linzi has quite a lot of musical achievements under her belt. She’s played for royalty, Albert II, Prince of Monaco. She’s also performed at C Music TV’s European launch event, the 2009 British Red Cross International fundraising gala and so much more! She’s constantly doing new and amazing things, one of the ways you can keep up with them is by checking out her Facebook Fan page below and giving it a like:


linzistoppardviolinwiki10Make sure you do check her out guys. For those of you on twitter you can follow her at @linzistoppard. Do make sure to follow and support her and all the artists I post about here. If you like them then always make sure to support them! I mean you support them and they make more music for you, win-win situation, right? For more updates on everything guys make sure that you subscribe to the blog and also follow me @rahat_music on twitter!

My First Car Accident

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Other

Had my first car accident last week, very interesting experience. I was driving on the Major Deegan, those of you who live in the area should know what kind of nightmare that is. My fiance and I were heading towards Queens in this heavy traffic and we were right behind a pick up truck. Now he’s trying to take the lane into exit seven which goes towards the George Washington Bridge and I’m trying to continue on towards Queens.

Hopefully you have a decent picture of the initial situation now here’s the crappy part. I switch onto my lane to head on and he’s on his lane as well. Unfortunately he has this huge cage surrounding his truck and its curved at the bottom, which I hit. Completely sliced up my tire and fucked up the the right side of the car as well as the door. At that moment I don’t even remember my mind functioning. I instinctively hit the breaks, I don’t even remember doing that actually.

The worst part of this is that it wasn’t even my car. It was a Zipcar. Actually no there is an even worse part, I was too cheap to pay the $9 insurance fee. At this point I’m waiting for them to do their little inspections and then we figure out how much I owe them. According to the guy the most I’ll have to pay is $750, and that would only be if the car is completely totaled. It’s not, you can still drive it just needs some fixing up. I had the tire replaced so hopefully they see that as an act of good will.

The moral of this story? ALWAYS get the insurance. I guess also be patient and careful on a busy highway. Anyway guys subscribe to the blog if you want to take pity on me. Don’t forget to follow me @rahat_music on twitter.

Just uploaded a remix of the song “Roads Untraveled” by Linkin Park! Worked with Beat – Manufaktur – Potsdam for this one!  Check it out here:

Here are the lyrics for my verse:

So here we go thinking about the left now
We took the right at the fork can we accept how
We made a choice and made the world that we live in
Every turn that we’ve driven is a hole that we’re skipping
But the turns we didn’t take can’t make us shatter or break
Can’t let it addle our brains as we dog paddle through fate
Just you and me you sticking close to my side
I can’t do it alone for you I  loose up my pride
Break the chains and let it go its the choice I have made
The road I have chosen and the turn of my fate
I don’t regret not going left I went right straight to you
Forget the road we didn’t take on this we’ll make it through
It doesn’t do to dwell in dreams please don’t forget to live
Forget the paths you cudda’ had and run the one that you’re in
So don’t weep for the roads and the paths that never end
Hold my hand and lets walk cuz I can see you need a friend

So don’t weep for those roads
The ones you never chose
Let em go
Let em go
To me the song is about reflecting over paths in life that you could have taken but ultimately did not. It refers to regrets of not choosing a different life but then also urges you to leave those notions or regrets behind you. This is what I addressed in my own additions to the song as well. I do hope you all enjoy this. This was done for a remix contest hosted by the Linkin Park Association (LPA). It is called the LPA Monthly Mix Up (MMU). The guys at the LPA hold a remix contest every month and this month we were given a choice to remix one of three songs. The three songs were Lies Greed Misery, Roads Untraveled, and Skin to Bone. I ended up going with Roads Untraveled as its my favorite song off of Living Things.
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Posted: June 7, 2013 in Music

What up guys, lots of cool stuff have been happening lately. As you all should know my album Awakening is out you can get that up in my discography page its the first album up there. You can stream the entire thing for free and also download it free as well! The single Anthem Flow as of posting this has crossed the 4000 plays threshold and we’re doing really well on it. My remix contest has been extended and moved over to Talent House and unfortunately out of nowhere the Nokia sponsorship was revoked. I wasn’t given any real reason why it just happened out of nowhere. That’s the music industry for you I guess. The contest is still up and I am working on getting some more cool prizes sponsored for that though so don’t worry!

Now some other cool stuff:

Got a few new features around the net. Here is a new one from BWD Magazine, got a full page wright up in June Issue of their magazine. You can check that out below:


There was also another feature/interview I did for Lulu sound, check that out below:


And finally if you guys remember a little while back I was competing in a remix contest hosted by 50/50 records. Well Decay and I worked together on that and we wound up as runner ups. The label has put up the track for free download off of their SoundCloud! Check that out below:

Some new stuff in the works! I am working with a Producer from 50/50 records on a Glitch Hop track! You guys are in for a real treat soon. Also hooked up with a House DJ from Brazil. He isn’t affiliated with 50/50 but he’s dope as hell and we’re going to be putting out a track as well. Lot’s of cool stuff coming out this summer so stay tuned!

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