The idea of Kollidescope was born after Rahat, the vocalist of the duo, fell in love with the glitch hop genre. After then immersing himself into other genres of Electronic Dance Music, Rahat was certain he wanted to combine his love for rapping with EDM. After collaborating with several producers on a few EDM-esque tracks he eventually met Soukai through SoundCloud. Soukai has been a music producer for five years. Soukai began his interest in music as a percussionist, participating in his school band. He eventually began producing Trance and Techno before discovering other forms of EDM through various online forums. Soukai was intrigued by Rahat’s ideas for working on new music that would be a combination of EDM and Rap. The two clicked right away and Soukai immedietly began to work on new instrumentals for Rahat to write to. Thus the duo was born. It wasn’t until some time later that the duo found their name. “We are a collision of sorts of two different genres,” says Rahat, “we also see ourselves to be very much like Kaleidoscopes. We are a bunch of jumbled trippy lights that work together to bring you something strange and cool.”

Kollidescope on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kollidescope


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