Featured Artists

Every once in a while I write up a post on an artist I like.  This can range from Hip Hop to EDM to Rock and everything in between. If I like it I’ll post it! I try to change from week to week between Independent and Major artists. This way I like to think I’m giving Indie Artists a platform to shine alongside some amazing people in the game. If you are an Independent artist who would like to submit music for consideration on a future spot, there are two ways to do so.

First the preferred method:

Tweet me a link to your music @rahat_music and be sure to include the hashtag: #rahatweeklyspot. This makes things easy on me because I can just click the hashtag and listen to everyone’s music on one page.

Second method:

If you don’t have twitter, which as an Independent artist you really should, you can email me at rahat.music@gmail.com. Be sure to include “Rahat Weekly Spot” in the subject. I’ll be looking here as a secondary source of music for my posts so you have a higher chance of getting picked with the first method. If you don’t have an email account either, well I’m sorry but I can’t help you there.

These used to be called weekly music spots as I did them once a week. I don’t really have the time to do them every single week anymore but I try whenever I can. For now I’m going to keep them labeled here as the Weekly Music Spot.

Check out the latest Weekly Music Spot’s below:

  1. […] for hip hop artists and producers to submit. Instructions on how to submit can be found here: Weekly Music Spot | Echo's of Rahat There are also previous posts there that you can check out. Please follow the instructions for […]

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